Multi-Engine Training

For multi-engine training, you will need a private pilot license (single-engine) and a minimum of ten hours of training in a multi-engine aircraft. At the end of the training is an oral and practical test.
Miami Fly Twin Engine Plane


A Private Pilot License is recommended for multi-engine training, but we suggest that you get your instrument and commercial rating before you start your training. The expense will be less if you meet all the commercial requirements in the single engine and then add-on a multi-engine commercial. It is all up to you. You must be able to read, understand and speak English like the other ratings.

Time Frame:

The multi-engine rating takes 7-14 days if you have already received your instrument rating. If you do not have the instrument rating, it will limit your ability to rent multi-engine airplanes at our school and many others.


A standard check ride is required with a designated examiner like all other ratings. The topics to be discussed will be: single engine out procedures, weight and balance, aircraft systems, and emergency procedures. If you are working towards the commercial multi-engine rating with instrument privileges, two precision approaches will be required for the check ride. A written exam is not required for the multi-engine rating.


The cost of a commercial, instrument, multi-engine add-on is approximately $280 an hour depending on learning curve. Please CLICK HERE for a price chart.