Flight training will enrich your life in countless ways. You’ll learn to balance technical training with the freedom of flying toward an endless horizon. You’ll adopt new ways of speaking, navigating, and calculating your position. What initially feels like a complex process will slowly become second nature, and you will always have a great story to tell.

Knowing your goal for learning to fly will help guide you along the path to the right certificate and all the rewards that flying has to offer.




Day flights in light-sport aircraft
Fly personal or business, travel in clear weather
Fly personal or business, travel in clear or cloudy weather
Fly higher and faster in airplanes with two engines
Get paid to fly
Teach people to fly
Be an airline captain


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Multi-Engine Training

For multi-engine training, you will need a private pilot license (single-engine) and a minimum of ten hours of training in a multi-engine aircraft. At the end of the training is an oral and practical test.
Miami Fly Twin Engine Plane


A Private Pilot License is recommended for multi-engine training, but we suggest that you get your instrument and commercial rating before you start your training. The expense will be less if you meet all the commercial requirements in the single engine and then add-on a multi-engine commercial. It is all up to you. You must be able to read, understand and speak English like the other ratings.

Time Frame:

The multi-engine rating takes 7-14 days if you have already received your instrument rating. If you do not have the instrument rating, it will limit your ability to rent multi-engine airplanes at our school and many others.


A standard check ride is required with a designated examiner like all other ratings. The topics to be discussed will be: single engine out procedures, weight and balance, aircraft systems, and emergency procedures. If you are working towards the commercial multi-engine rating with instrument privileges, two precision approaches will be required for the check ride. A written exam is not required for the multi-engine rating.


The cost of a commercial, instrument, multi-engine add-on is approximately $280 an hour depending on learning curve. Please CLICK HERE for a price chart.

Meet Your Flight Instructor — Eusebio Valdes!

The experience of flying can be stimulating and enjoyable if you follow the highest standards. The right instructor can make all the difference in your confidence and ability to fly.

Meet Eusebio Valdes (you can call him “Valdes”) your professional flight instructor with over 25 years experience. Valdes starting flying at the young age of 24 in his native Spain. He later obtained numerous airplane and helicopter licenses when migrating here to the U.S. after 1976. Eusebio is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

His list of credentials is numerous:
  • Private Pilot Airplane License
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane License
  • Instrument License
  • Multi Engine License
  • Helicopter License
  • Flight Instructor Single Engine
  • Flight Instructor Multi Engine
  • Flight Instructor Instruments
  • Flight Instructor Helicopter
  • Primary and Advanced Ground Instructor
  • Tail Wheel Training and Basic Aerobatics
  • Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic License


A Personal Message from Eusebio Valdes to novice pilots:

After teaching for 26 years with zero accidents and incidents and 18,000 hours of dual flight instruction, I see the need to help novice pilots and instructors in the field of emergencies and “unusual attitudes”. In other words, I will help you prepare for the most important lessons in flying–preparing for the unexpected. These include slow flight, steep turns, stalls and recoveries, unusual attitudes, engine failures on take off,cross wind landings. I also specialize in tailwheel training, spin training and recoveries and multiengine training.

With my training, you will feel confident in maneuvering and landing a plane safely in any of these unusual conditions.