Piper Seneca for Multi-Engine TrainingThe multi engine rating allows the student to fly an airplane with more than one engine. This rating can be used for the initial Private, Commercial certificate, Certified Multi Engine Flight Instructor certificate, or be added to either after the completion of that certificate.


The student must have a Student Pilot Certificate, a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate, and at least a 3rd class medical prior to beginning of flight training.


The Piper Seneca, PA-34-200, is the aircraft to be used for this aircraft rating.

Flight Training

At completion of course, student will meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements to include (but not limited to):

  • Pre and post flight procedures
  • Airport  operations
  • Takeoffs, landings & go-around procedures
  • Performance maneuvers & navigation
  • Emergency operations including single engine operations
  • Special operations & commercial scenarios if applicable

Ground Training

  • Advanced airplane systems
  • Aerodynamics &  principles of flight
  • Weight, balance and density altitude calculations.
  • Use of performance charts & effects of exceeding limitations
  • Night & high altitude operations
  • Meteorology
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) & the National Airspace System (NAS)


The cost of a commercial, instrument, multi-engine add-on is approximately $280 an hour depending on learning curve.

Aircraft Type: Piper Seneca   Rate per Hour Total for Course
 10 hours Dual Flight  $300.00  $3,000.00
 Ground School  $50.00  $250.00
 Flight Test  $280.00  $420.00
 Books & A/C Manual  $100.00  $100.00
 Total Cost*  –  $3,770.00