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My name is Eusebio Valdes, I started flying in 1974 and fell in love with aviation. Since then my goal aa- profile 1was to learn everything I could about airplanes and helicopters, Including getting different licenses and ratings to further my knowledge. By 1983 I was a aircraft mechanic and a full time instructor, teaching people to fly airplanes including single engine, multi-engine and in 1985 I became a helicopter instructor. In 2005 I started teaching aerobatics, because I know the aerobatics training, featuring tail wheel and unusual attitudes will help strengthen every pilot’s skills and ready themselves for any emergencies that may occur. I have been flying for 43 years and teaching for 33 years with about 23,000 hours of accident and incident free hours.

My mission is to provide you with the highest quality flight instruction in a safe environment. I guarantee that you will get the best training there it is, whether your goal is to be a week end pilot, a professional pilot or just to improve your pilot skills in emergencies, unusual attitudes, tail dragger endorsements , spin training or aerobatics. Teaching people to fly is my passion; I am an instructor by choice. I think have the best job in the world; I enjoy it so much it feels like I’m on vacation every day. Call me and I’ll gladly answer any questions, or come visit me at my hanger in Tamiami Airport. Take a introduction flight or a flight test to check if my instruction style fits you!

Aerobatic Lessons

Aerobatic Lessons 101 headerTO EXPERIENCE THE COMPLETE FLIGHT REPERTOIRE: Airplanes were designed for three-dimensional flight. Unlike an automobile, train or boat, an airplane can truly move in three-dimensional space, yet most pilots never learn to fully maneuver the aircraft in this 3-D environment. Student pilots learn to takeoff, climb, turn, descend and land, but thats a very small part of the total flight repertoire of which many aircraft and pilots are capable.

TO INCREASE CONFIDENCE AND PILOT SKILLS: Pilots who have flown aerobatics develop an instinctive awareness of attitude and the fastest way back to straight-and-level controlled flight. They are able to quickly identify upsets and properly react to them, resisting the urge to pull back on the yoke when an upset occurs. They become familiar and comfortable with the mechanics of spin recovery. Aerobatic pilots develop an increased feel and sensitivity for the controls of their airplane, leading to improved handling of the aircraft both on and off the ground.BECAUSE IT’S FUN! The new aerobatic student quickly learns that AEROBATICS IS FUN! . . . perhaps more fun than working on any previous rating.



Get A First Hand Feel For Learning To Fly 

Just as the title says, we offer a one hour introductory flight to acquaint you with the thrill and technical skills to fly an airplane. Get behind the wheel and take off, fly the friendly skies and land comfortably with the instructor right next to you guiding you with ease.

TRAINEEThis is a great way to sample the experience of flying and determine if this is something you want to continue learning for personal or professional reasons.

The rate is $150 for an hour with an instructor.

Or you may be interested in buying a gift certificate for your spouse, friend or any loved one for birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

For the introductory flight or gift certificates,please contact: Eusebio Valdes at 305-255-5519