Give DAD the Gift of Flying an Airplane!

This Father’s Day surprise dad with a unique gift idea — a gift certificate for flight lessons! Whether it’s an aerial tour or a one-time lesson so Dad can decide if he’d like to pursue those flight wings, you can purchase a gift certificate for dad to use anytime. You can also join him while he is flying an airplane from the pilot seat.

Just contact me, Eusebio Valdes from Miami Fly Inc at (305) 255-5519.

Click here for a testimonial from a female client who recommends this for any father!

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Love is in the Air — And So Will You!

You and your loved one can fly across the Miami skies like love birds.

Not sure what to get the man in your life for Valentine’s? How about a Gift Certificate for flight instruction or an aerial tour for the two of you?


Order yours today and it can be used at a later date. He’ll love the surprise! Even better present the Gift Certificate and schedule that Valentine’s flight on February 14 (Sunday)–there’s still space available!

Scientists who study the links between shopping and happiness say that buying people experiences instead of material items is the greatest secret to spreading joy especially these economic times.

My Valentine gift to you is the competitive price of $130/hour. A fancy dinner in South Beach will cost more.

What can you expect? For a recent testimonial from a female client, CLICK HERE to see her photos and view her videos.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Meet Your Flight Instructor — Eusebio Valdes!

The experience of flying can be stimulating and enjoyable if you follow the highest standards. The right instructor can make all the difference in your confidence and ability to fly.

Meet Eusebio Valdes (you can call him “Valdes”) your professional flight instructor with over 25 years experience. Valdes starting flying at the young age of 24 in his native Spain. He later obtained numerous airplane and helicopter licenses when migrating here to the U.S. after 1976. Eusebio is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

His list of credentials is numerous:
  • Private Pilot Airplane License
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane License
  • Instrument License
  • Multi Engine License
  • Helicopter License
  • Flight Instructor Single Engine
  • Flight Instructor Multi Engine
  • Flight Instructor Instruments
  • Flight Instructor Helicopter
  • Primary and Advanced Ground Instructor
  • Tail Wheel Training and Basic Aerobatics
  • Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic License


A Personal Message from Eusebio Valdes to novice pilots:

After teaching for 26 years with zero accidents and incidents and 18,000 hours of dual flight instruction, I see the need to help novice pilots and instructors in the field of emergencies and “unusual attitudes”. In other words, I will help you prepare for the most important lessons in flying–preparing for the unexpected. These include slow flight, steep turns, stalls and recoveries, unusual attitudes, engine failures on take off,cross wind landings. I also specialize in tailwheel training, spin training and recoveries and multiengine training.

With my training, you will feel confident in maneuvering and landing a plane safely in any of these unusual conditions.