Corporate Angels Saving Lives

Fighting cancer one seat at a time

We think of guardian angels in full bright white garb and wings, fluttering in position, watching over our shoulder, gently guiding us, even saving us.

Angels are real and God knows no discrimination. Angels come in all shapes and sizes. The larger species, has a wing span the length of two medium sedans. This angel is not in a holding position looking over. This angel is on a mission and flying over several American cities to fight cancer.

In the April issue of, the article by Lane Wallace will touch your soul. Patients with rare cancer or far from specialized treatment centers, can not make the drive or journey on their own without jeopardizing jobs and care of other children. Some end up losing their job after all. Yet they pay the onerous burden and get on commercial jets. The medical bills spiral and these families face bankruptcy. It gets worse.

Patients coming out of a transplant are incredibly vulnerable to germs. So flying on a commercial aircraft is out of the question. Until CAN appeared. Corporate Angel Network. A fleet of individually owned corporate jets banded together to provide a seamless and direct travel service for cancer patients. They’re making a difference!

So the next time you fly and are in awe of the sky and world around you, and wonder if you’re near heaven with the angels–indeed you are close to heaven. Flying can save lives.

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