Corporate Angels Saving Lives

Fighting cancer one seat at a time

We think of guardian angels in full bright white garb and wings, fluttering in position, watching over our shoulder, gently guiding us, even saving us.

Angels are real and God knows no discrimination. Angels come in all shapes and sizes. The larger species, has a wing span the length of two medium sedans. This angel is not in a holding position looking over. This angel is on a mission and flying over several American cities to fight cancer.

In the April issue of, the article by Lane Wallace will touch your soul. Patients with rare cancer or far from specialized treatment centers, can not make the drive or journey on their own without jeopardizing jobs and care of other children. Some end up losing their job after all. Yet they pay the onerous burden and get on commercial jets. The medical bills spiral and these families face bankruptcy. It gets worse.

Patients coming out of a transplant are incredibly vulnerable to germs. So flying on a commercial aircraft is out of the question. Until CAN appeared. Corporate Angel Network. A fleet of individually owned corporate jets banded together to provide a seamless and direct travel service for cancer patients. They’re making a difference!

So the next time you fly and are in awe of the sky and world around you, and wonder if you’re near heaven with the angels–indeed you are close to heaven. Flying can save lives.

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Love is in the Air — And So Will You!

You and your loved one can fly across the Miami skies like love birds.

Not sure what to get the man in your life for Valentine’s? How about a Gift Certificate for flight instruction or an aerial tour for the two of you?


Order yours today and it can be used at a later date. He’ll love the surprise! Even better present the Gift Certificate and schedule that Valentine’s flight on February 14 (Sunday)–there’s still space available!

Scientists who study the links between shopping and happiness say that buying people experiences instead of material items is the greatest secret to spreading joy especially these economic times.

My Valentine gift to you is the competitive price of $130/hour. A fancy dinner in South Beach will cost more.

What can you expect? For a recent testimonial from a female client, CLICK HERE to see her photos and view her videos.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cocoa Beach Air Show Oct 3-4, 2009

Attention Flight Enthusiasts

Skytypers Six Formation sponsored by GEICO

Skytypers Six Formation sponsored by GEICO

There’s a new air show kicking off in the State of Florida you do not want to miss. Billed as the flight show spectacular expected to rival the top air shows in the U.S., the Cocoa Beach Air Show is lining up the best of the best. Headliner names like the F-16 Viper Demo Team, the U.S. Army Golden Knights and Civilian pilots including Matt Chapman and Jason Newburg round out the military and civilian air and sky show.

F-18 Viper Climb

F-18 Viper Climb

Plan now for this inaugural event to get the best viewing location on this ocean front theater. 

Golden Knights Parachuting

Golden Knights Parachuting

Germany’s “Auntie Ju”

You can experience the thrill of flight in different cities and countries in historic planes

In the 1930’s, “Auntie Ju” was considered the pinnacle of airliners–comfortable, reliable, even beautiful, despite its strange corrugated aluminum skin. Now Lufthansa’s pristinely rebuilt Junkers Ju-52/3 is providing pleasure flights to nostalic aviation enthusiasts seeking a flight back into history. The 73 year-old plane is flying routes mostly between various German cities but occasionally to neighboring countries through early autumn.

Details: Flights range from 10-100 minutes and cost $95 to $425. Most are round-trip; a few are one-way. Schedule, fares and reservations at (Note: The site is in German language but the schedule and fares are listed in numerical values and easy to understand).

Clint Eastwood Flies Helicopter for Hobby

If you watch the Ellen Degeneres Show regularly then you probably saw special guest, Clint Eastwood in a recent interview to promote his movie Gran Torino. The episode was a repeat but obviously a favorite with audience and viewers.

When Ellen asks Clint about his favorite hobby, he shares that flying helicopters is his escape.

“You’re the only one up there”, says Eastwood to Degeneres.

Now you’re probably thinking he can afford it. Well so can you. To fly regularly you don’t have to own a small plane or helicopter. You can visit your local small airport for smaller aircraft and take lessons. Just Google or search for “flight instruction [your city or state]”.

Give it a try and fly!

Air & Sea Show Returning in 2010

Wonderful news to share!

The Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show is returning in 2010!

This popular event was canceled in 2008 after losing the major sponsor and no company or companies stepped in to replace McDonald’s. No doubt the economy was a factor.

In the news yesterday we learned that the event is returning with a new name and a new look the Air Lauderdale Beach Fest.

If you have never heard of this event or plan to visit South Florida this coming April, then this is an event you don’t want to miss. In the past the air and sea show was a salute to the military and featured military planes, skydivers and special forces. The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and civilian stunt flying took turns whizzing by and dazzling viewers with nail-biting stunt flying and a kaleidoscope of changing geometric formations.

In 2010 the air show is scheduled for April 24 and 25 and will coincide with the 20th anniversary of Fleet Week, April 23 to May 3.

This time there is an admission charge but officials say it will be minimal.

So before or after the event, if you’re inspired to take a couple of lessons in stunt flying or just fly an airplane upright, just call me to make an appointment in advance!

This 4th of July–Experience True Freedom!

This 4th of July, get off the ground and launch yourself into the skies!

Miami Fly is offering a special for anyone who wants to learn to fly or for a small group or family of three people to take an aerial tour above the Miami coastline or the Everglades.

For a full thirty minutes at only $80 total, experience the freedom of flight as you pilot or co-pilot a small plane into the blue and white sky of America’s Riviera (Miami). Men, women and small children are all welcome!

Mother and daughter ready to take off

Mother and daughter ready to take off!

Whole family waiting in the plane

Whole family ready to fly!

Schedule your flight this holiday weekend or purchase a gift certificate by Sunday, July 5th for a future flight date.

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